Welcome to DCS 340B

Direct Customer Solutions offers an enhanced logistical process for pharmaceutical manufacturers who provide 340B pricing or Sub-340B pricing to eligible covered entities in the US.

DCS 340B is an integrated logistics pathway focused on serving both manufacturer and covered entity to ensure that covered entities can easily purchase the products they need for their eligible uninsured or indigent patients.

DCS 340B is an efficient, cost effective and compliant process that can improve the productivity of your organization by enhancing the replenishment process. Covered entities can directly access the products they need when they need them in order to better serve their eligible patients.

Manufacturers and covered entities may contact Direct Customer Solutions for more information on how to participate in DCS 340B.

*The 340B Drug Pricing Program (340B Program) is a US federal government program created in 1992 that requires drug manufacturers receiving federal reimbursement to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations and covered entities at significantly reduced prices. These reduced prices are intended to help covered entities stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services.

Purchasing information

for 340B Covered Entities and 340B Contract Pharmacies

Direct Customer Solutions launched our 340B logistics program and 340B direct purchasing website on April 1, 2020. Covered entities will now experience an easy and efficient new process to directly access and place orders for 340B products from those manufacturers that have chosen DCS as their direct distribution service provider. As a result of this new manufacturer direct purchasing structure, the 340B covered entity will need to first register online with Direct Customer Solutions so the purchase transaction can occur between the covered entity and the manufacturer at the statutorily defined 340B ceiling price. Direct Customer Solutions will function as a service provider to validate 340B eligibility, accept orders, provide logistics, invoicing, and customer support. Once a covered entity has completed registration of their entity and any associated contract pharmacies with Direct Customer Solutions, the entity may purchase product at the 340B pricing using any of the four options described below.

  1. Option 1: E-Commerce Website

    A covered entity may purchase 340B products using the Direct Customer Solutions 340B website. This process uses an e-commerce structure for covered entities to log in and place orders using a traditional online shopping cart and online checkout. All covered entities must first register their account with Direct Customer Solutions online prior to order placement. Registration will be confirmed via use of the HRSA database to confirm 340B eligibility and use of other standard medical, pharmacy and controlled substance licensing databases to validate accounts. Once registration is completed online by the covered entity and both eligibility and licensing are confirmed by Direct Customer Solutions, the covered entity will be able to place orders for products at 340B prices directly on the website.

  2. Option 2: Third-Party Administrator

    A covered entity may purchase products using their existing 340B Third-Party Administrator (TPA) process. Covered entities using a (TPA) to manage orders and inventory may continue to use their current system if that TPA has previously registered with Direct Customer Solutions and established EDI connectivity. You may check with your TPA to determine if they have already connected to Direct Customer Solutions. If the TPA is already connected, the covered entity will first register online with Direct Customer Solutions and confirm with the TPA their intent to order via Direct Customer Solutions. If your TPA is not already connected with Direct Customer Solutions, you may ask that they contact us to establish connectivity to allow order placement via the TPA / EDI process. A covered entity may also contact Direct Customer Solutions and we can work back with your TPA to facilitate enrollment and EDI connectivity. Note that a covered entity must still register their entity and any contract pharmacies with Direct Customer Solutions by using the online e-commerce website before an order can be placed and processed using a TPA / EDI process.

  3. Option 3: Phone Order

    A covered entity may call Direct Customer Solutions directly at (731) 300-2406 to place an order via phone. Direct Customer Solutions will receive the order, validate eligibility and process for shipment. Covered entities must first self-register or reach out to a team member at 340B-clientservices@directcustomersolutions.com by using the online e-commerce website before an order received by phone can be validated, processed and shipped.

  4. Option 4: Email Order

    A covered entity may directly email Direct Customer Solutions at 340B-clientservices@directcustomersolutions.com to place an order. A Direct Customer Solutions customer service representative will receive the order, confirm online registration is complete, conduct validation and begin the process of fulfilling the order. Note that a covered entity must first self-register their entity and any associated contract pharmacies with Direct Customer Solutions by using the online e-commerce website before an order received by email can be validated, processed and shipped.