How do I register my account?

Click here to register. Please note that all information must match data listed in the HRSA database.

HRSA Website:

What if my information does not match HRSA?
Please update your information in the HRSA database or contact your HRSA representative to update your information. Once your information is updated, please contact Direct Customer Solutions to make the make any needed revisions.
How do I add users?
Once you have successfully registered, you may send email invites to authorized users via the 340B portal. Log in to your account. Under the Admin tab, select My Admin. Enter the requested user's information and email. Please note you may only send one request at a time.
How do I register Contracted Pharmacies?
Once you have successfully registered in 340B, log in to account and add your contract pharmacies by hitting "manage addresses." You can also select the TPA your contract pharmacies use from this page. Those numbers will be sent to the TPA once DCS reviews.
Why must I register on 340B?
The e-commerce website 340B allows you to access the product catalog and place your orders. You will be able to see past order history as well.

Password Reset

How do I reset my password?
At the 340B login screen, select Forgot Password. A link will be sent to the email entered during the registration process to reset your password.
What if I forget my username?
At the 340B login screen, select Forgot Username. Enter the email address listed for your account. Your username will be sent via email to the address entered during registration.
What if I still can't log in?
If you are the administrator for the account, please email 340B Client Services at or call 340B Client Services at (731) 300-2406.

Contact Us

How do I contact Direct Customer Solutions?

Direct Customer Solutions 340B has dedicated staff who are here to provide you with exceptional customer service and support. It would be our pleasure to assist you with any questions you may have.

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Phone: (731) 300-2406
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